Weber cementbundna golvavjämningsmassor har en ledande position på marknaden och har vunnit internationella framgångar genom förnämliga egenskaper och god ekonomi.

Golvbranschens Kretsloppsmärkning P-märkning
  • Designfloor Designfloor

    Weber Designfloor is a system in which has solid color finishing without any other surface coating, for keeping an aesthetic appearance. Weber Designfloors are available in two variants.

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  • Weber Comfort floor Weber Comfort floor

    <p>Weber Comfort Floor is a combined heat-floor and sound-reducing flooring that can be coated with any surface finish, such as parquet, tile or linoleum carpet. The floor is made up of special EPS boards that provide good step sound insulation and thermal insulation to reduce heat dissipation downward in the construction. The heat supply piping is recessed in aluminum plates to optimize heat dissipation and minimize the amount of piping.<br>Weber Comfort Floors provide a standard concrete flooring without floor coverings, a 23 dB noise reduction and an airborne noise reduction of 9 dB, Test report No VTT-S-12306-06.<br>Webers comfort flooring is intended for use in most types of non-industrial spaces, such as, for example, homes, offices, business premises and wet rooms for both renovation and new construction. Webers Comfort Floor is designed to be used in conjunction with Webers low-calibration balancing masses.</p>

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  • Weber sound insulation flooring Weber sound insulation flooring

    The Weber sound insulation flooring is a sound damping subfloor system, helping to reduce the noise level. The system consists of weber floor 4955 Sound insulation and edge strips that combined together with Weber screed to form a flat soundproofing subfloor and can be coated with all common floor coverings.

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  • Weberfloor acoustic Weberfloor acoustic

    <p>Weberfloor acoustic is a soundproofing subfloor system that helps create pleasant sound environments and meets current sound requirements in our buildings. The system consists of weberfloor acoustic acoustic carpet and edge strips that together with Weber screed form a flat soundproofing subfloor. Weberfloor Acoustic flooring is carefully tested and rational to apply and thereby ensures a good function. Weberfloor Acoustic flooring can be coated with all commonly used floor coverings. When laying, knowledge and experience are needed to achieve a satisfactory result. Weber has specially trained contractors for the installation of sound floor systems.</p>

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  • Friends Arena

    Sveriges nya nationalarena, Friends Arena i Solna byggdes för att kunna anpassas till en mängd olika evenemang och stora krav ställdes på materialval som skulle klara de olika förutsättningarna och samtidigt vara representativt för en Nationala...